Hello! Welcome to Le Petit Poulailler!

I craft, cook, quilt, and collect! I am the only daughter of an only daughter of an only daughter - going back seven generations ... each and every one was a craftswoman; each and every one, a collector.

I owned and ran a wonderful 120+ year-old general store/antique shop/cafe for a decade - tag sales and antiquing are a wonderful way of life! And I've now found myself on the beautiful Jersey Shore and am loving Life!

I *adore* a good treasure hunt! There is nothing more satisfying than finding that which was lost. Contact me with your ideas and questions - we’ll have some fun!

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I am a Zibbet Featured Seller! Come read my interview to learn more about me, my art, my fun! - http://ning.it/chF52X

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- Fine Vintage and Antiques: http://PetitPoulailler.com
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- Fine and Fun Collectibles https://meylah.com/PetitPoulailler/all-products

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I'd love to hear from you with any questions or requests ... and please come back soon!

Karen xo

I love my little studio!

PetitPoulailler - Fine Vintage and Antiques!

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