Lichens 1963 Vintage Barbara Evelyn Nicholson Botanical Lithograph

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Lichens 1963 Vintage Barbara Evelyn Nicholson Botanical Lithograph, Pl 77

Here is a beautiful botanical lithograph gleaned from Barbara Evelyn Nicholson's 1963 field guide featuring lovely lichens -

Rim Lichen [Lecanora Calcarea]
British Lichen [Xanthoria Aureola]
Rim Lichen [Lecanora Campestris]
Orange Lichen [Caloplaca Citrana]
Wart Lichen [Verrucaria Nigrescens]
English Lichen [Caloplaca Heppiana]
Rosette Lichen [Physcia Adscendens]
Orange Lichen [Caloplaca Cirrochroa]
Blackthread Lichen [Placynthium Negrum]
Moberg Wreath LichenPhyscia Orbicularis]

A perfect image for your garden room, isn't it? Those beautiful earthy greens and woodland floor browns against the grey stones - perfect color accents for your home and garaden decor. Or will you use these in your art? Ideal for tag and card creations, scrapbooking, collage.

These are lovely illustrations - perfect to frame in groups or to feature each by itself. The lithography is strong and bold, the colors are wonderfully clear and bright, and the paper is smooth and clean with sharp corners and clear edges. There are no tears, creases, marks, or folds. The heavy paper measures 7" x 9.5" (17.8x24.1 cm).

You are purchasing an original 1963 paper and it does not have watermarks. I will send this to you flat, protected, and by USPS 1st Class mail.

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Lichens 1963 Vintage Barbara Evelyn Nicholson Botanical Lithograph

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