Item collection 9fb87c1d 151e 4957 996e 659e6d5d8972

Etiquette of Letter Writing and Social Correspondence 1927 Antique Reference Volume


Item collection 253664b0 b10f 4e15 bc5c 9d43e6b9f93c

Penstitch Lettering - Inspiration, Style, Design, How To, Instructions


Item collection 31e6ea91 8e88 4aec b2ec 82d8a25be941

Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly 1992 Vintage Magazine Volume 6


Item collection 48d6a2eb da34 4122 b2c6 82f27883581d

Tea with the Bennets Cookbook 1996 Vintage Margaret Vaughn and Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Anthology


Item collection 4821f881 6da9 4525 b8eb 4274a1be469d

Color and Cloth - The Quiltmaker's Ultimate Workbook 1989 Mary Coyne Penders Inspiration


Item collection 8595d796 2777 40da 9e79 c1dc4cfaa2ee

The Garden Trellis 1996 Vintage Ferris Cook Designs to Build and Vines to Cultivate


Item collection 2152176 original

Pepperidge Farm Illustrated Cookbook 1970 Vintage Margaret Rudkin and Erik Blegvad


Item collection a9fd850a 8ad4 4905 a8f5 796434afade2

Real Home Cooking 1991 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook, No. 120


Item collection 028e9beb 93ec 4fe4 b6d8 1515dcfc0603

The Night Before Christmas 1976 Vintage Arthur Rackham and Clement C Moore Christmas Tradition Volume


Item collection 193943ac d30b 412d 87c5 038c8eb0f573

Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide 1997 Vintage Ellen Pahl Inspiration, Design, Projects


Item collection c824b918 8904 444a ac40 6cf5dc8245df

Appetizers, Snacks, Sweets Recipes 1991 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook, No. 119


Item collection 563001 original

Simple Sewing With A French Twist 2007 Celine Dupuy Classic How-To Sewing Crafting Book Projects Inspiration


Item collection 1d5dc4b2 ae1e 4564 9b9e e87e69ba4488

Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly Volume 10 1993 Vintage Magazine


Item collection f371fe92 959f 4460 b920 150862c574b8

Hearty Soups and Sandwiches Cookbook 1987 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Recipes, No. 72


Item collection 028caf3c 4285 4077 94be d48ea18acf7d

Singer Featherweight Handbook 1992 For the Perfect Portable


Item collection 95c0e0c5 4b9e 470a a074 b97302b0b557

Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly 1992 Vintage Crafting Magazine, Vol 5


Item collection 811c90ec 62d4 4a2d b5a3 5dcc079bcce2

Picnics and Potlucks 1992 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook, Bk 136


Item collection 3c8af2c6 1ae9 43a0 8318 92535a32a422

Light and Easy Meals 1988 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook, #87


Item collection acdb4399 babc 4350 ac48 839b7bb31e1c

Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies 1980 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Recipes Cookbook, No 5


Item collection 8dd389a0 8935 488c 97bb e2ae162837e4

Best of Miniature Quilts 1994 Vintage First Edition Quilting Magazine, No 1


Item collection 14f8cd4a 05b3 4918 954a c6573bb43934

Warm Fuzzies 2007 Betz White 30 Sweet Felted Projects, Inspiration, How To


Item collection 2b09f126 d994 459e bd34 15ed40ea253b

Quiltmaker Pattern Magazine For Todays Quilters 1993 Vintage Issue 30


Item collection c8525bc2 04fb 4475 a1cf be00ef46e61a

Bake-Off Classics II 1981 Vintage Pillsbury Cookbook, Bk 8


Item collection 2c868513 3cfd 4205 86f2 dbda13fbcae1

Bake Off Cookies and Cakes 1991 Classic Pillsbury Vintage Cookbook, No. 122


Item collection dbdba015 933c 4b91 9985 6407ae62c360

Simple Summer Recipes 1990 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook, No. 114


Item collection 495f3156 78d8 4e14 92b1 985698e4ec91

Summertime Across America 1983 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Recipes Cookbook, No. 29


Item collection ab0d89d7 6d3e 4386 9674 f63ee9ef3f59

Pillsbury Best Recipes 1986 Classic Vintage Cookbook, No. 66


Item collection 708f538f eae4 458b a27e 4a7370f4c380

Mary Engelbreit Holiday Newsletter and Paper Doll 2001 Leading the Artful Life, Vol 2


Item collection da4a8cd8 7ba8 4a20 90bf 4115098ba2cd

Bill of Rights, A 200-Year History of Turbulence and Triumph 1991 Life Magazine Vintage Commemorative Magazine


Item collection 258859 original

Girlie Girl Library 1959-1960 Mid-Century Vintage Classic Books


Item collection 665ee787 f72c 4a29 a8d4 90b702911392

Mary Engelbreit Winter 1996 Vintage Ideas Projects Inspiration and How-To's


Item collection ac9df911 b3b0 4444 894a df47c2855073

Pillsbury Bake Off Classics 1983 Vintage Recipes Cookbook, Bk 26


Item collection a4e03bd2 492e 4ce7 9cf5 e5f3d4bc6b9a

Mr Boston Official Bartender's Guide 1985 Vintage 50th Anniversary Edition


Item collection 5d8614b2 4c3e 4690 bf33 2b42ca08d396

Say Yes To Less Recipes 1983 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook


Item collection 644284 original

Best in Children's Books 1950's Mid-Century Four Volume Classic Collection For Your Decor and To Read


Item collection 25760396 276d 4891 bb68 9caa1e9a7251

Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts 2004 Joelle Hoverson Ideas, How To, Instruction, Inspiration


Item collection 10027 original

The Painted Pig 1930 Antique 1st Edition Book Elizabeth Morrow and Rene d'Harnoncourt


Item collection 47e801a2 5677 4332 81af c987182b9b75

Christmas Decorations from Williamsburg Virginia 1999 Holiday Home Decor, Decorating, Ideas, How-To


Item collection ac413acc a13f 4186 8893 b2339876b9ca

Wallace Nutting Furniture 2001 Windsor Chairs Illustrated Handbook


Item collection 2152144 original

It's In The Bag 1996 Vintage Classic Purse Bag Designs Ideas Project Inspiration


Item collection 1309608 original

Better Homes and Garden American Patchwork and Quilting 1985 Vintage Crafting Book of Ideas, Projects, Instructions


Item collection 2152141 original

Santa, Snowmen, Christmas Crafts, Projects, Patterns 1990 Christmas Lake Lodge Lynette Jensen Thimbleberries Book


Item collection 334892e6 92b1 46e4 8de0 032f460e9888

Quiltmaker Pattern Magazine For Today's Quilters 1992 Vintage Issue 29


Item collection 2a8ae1b5 46c6 42df b04f cc825f647df8

Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly 1993 Vintage Magazine Volume 9


Item collection 0de76651 7849 43c8 a1b1 afb11674cc38

Mary Engelbreit Spring 1997 Home Decor Projects Crafts Inspiration and How To's


Item collection 3ffc647a 21aa 40af b626 1884ac73900c

Family Favorite Recipes 1986 Vintage Pillsbury Classic Cookbook


Item collection 7796079f ea73 4e99 8d73 a0555ab9cf31

The Curious Sofa 1989 Vintage Edward Gorey Hardback Book


Item collection 86801458 4dad 46ba 9ec4 6f2a01898e5c

Big Book of Old Time Spot Illustrations For Your Art


Item collection 560008 original

Pennsylvania Dutch Pies and Cakes 1963 Vintage Recipe Booklets


Item collection 2152142 original

Christmas with Martha Stewart Living 1997 Recipes, Gifts, Decorations, and Entertaining Ideas for the Holidays


Item collection 2152221 original

Appliquilt Whimsical One-Step Applique and Quilting 1994 Vintage Tonee White Patterns Projects How To Inspiration


Item collection dce0fa43 1dc4 4879 a652 2fd3b9a04e58

Patchwork Pocket Palette 1994 Vintage Visual Mix and Match Guide


Item collection 2152404 original

On Point Quilt Design Book 1992 Vintage Trudie Hughs Tips, Techniques, Inspiration


Item collection e30aeffd c9be 4bdb 8a01 a1653b26d0f8

Natures Noel 1995 Vintage Quilting and Crafting Inspiration and Projects


Item collection ec212584 ad67 491c 8004 55eae8158483

Healthy Home Style Cooking 1989 Pillsbury Classic Vintage Cookbook. No. 96


Item collection 259569 original

The Santa Claus Book 1976 Vintage Christmas Holiday Crafts Celebration Inspiration


Item collection e14fd868 88de 49b5 9b51 fe58af22fa65

Favourite Ice Cream Recipes Delightful Sweets For All Occasions 2000 Carol Wilson Cookbook


Item collection 970da536 ba21 49bc 82f5 61e035c46eb8

'Quick Cooking For One, or Two ... or just a Few' 1990 Vintage Classic Pillsbury Cookbook, Bk 115


Item collection 2152132 original

Simple Gifts To Stitch 2007 Jocelyn Worrall Crafting Books Projects Ideas Inspiration


Item collection 2152134 original

Mary Engelbreit Children's Companion 1997 Book of Decor, Design, Inspiration, Projects


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