Item collection 288026 original

Christian Dior Golden Basket Cuff Links 1970 Vintage For Him or For Her


Item collection 272609 original

Miriam Haskell Baroque Bridal White and Gold 1950 Mid-Century Screw-Back Clip-On Antique Earrings


Item collection 274581 original

Mardi Gras Dazzle Clip Back Earrings 1950's Vintage Rhinestone Glamour


Item collection 62dd1c63 45eb 4913 b09b 7994c4c66225

Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Feather Turquoise 1970 Vintage Pierced Earrings


Item collection a8bfb06c fa4b 463f 9aff 081280ce13fd

Etra Parisian 1960 Vintage Leather Convertible Clutch Purse Bag


Item collection 248040 original

Poinsettia Flower Holiday Brooch or Pin 1960 Vintage Cloisonne Enameled Holiday Brooch


Item collection 7685ff78 a41c 475d 8c6b 3709536f1d63

Quilted Hearts Porcelain Pierced Earrings 1980 Vintage Artisan Crafted


Item collection 273813 original

Golden Links 1970 Classic Vintage Pierced Earrings


Item collection 560774 original

Golden Flowers and Pearls Brooch 1950 Mid-Century Antique Fashion Jewelry


Item collection 178f93a7 fabe 4b1e 8d37 0c3a9ece5671

Vintage Crocheted Cotton Collar, Edwardian Style Relief Crochet


Item collection 51669dca 3d77 4d3a 98ba f8a612d4d36c

Bridal Beaded Zippered Satin Clutch 1960 Taupe Satin Purse


Item collection 3d4986ee ef02 4412 8bb7 751c9556ddcf

Miriam Haskell Signed Pearl Blossom Bridal Screw Back Earrings


Item collection 80d27f8b d011 436c ad6c 33ffd7f50571

Gold and Silver Beaded Evening Pouch or Purse 1970 Vintage Fashion


Item collection 287861 original

Second Year Membership Pin 1915 Edwardian Antique Joseph Lee Playground and Recreation Association of America


Item collection 1217588 original

Leather and Gold Cuff Links 1970 Vintage Hickok Links for Ladies or Gents


Item collection 1328307 original

Metal Vintage and Antique Buttons, Packet of 27


Item collection 287453 original

Golden Roped Pearl Domes 1980 Classic Vintage Pierced Earrings


Item collection 9963 original

Seashells 1968 Vintage Bulgarian Black Sea Packet of 65 Wee Shells


Item collection 2d6f6894 ab3a 4b1f 9077 4ae662ddee1e

Hand-Crafted Button Bracelet From Grandmother's Vintage Button Box


Item collection 562125 original

Rhinestone Blossoms 1950 Mid-Century Glamour Antique Brooch or Pin


Item collection 561183 original

Swarovski Crystal Scatter Pin Brooch 1960 Sparkling Vintage Rhodium Plated Accessory


Item collection 1280938 original

Buttons and Geometry Vintage and Antique Packet of 17 Metal Buttons


Item collection 291183 original

Half Dollar US Currency 1893 Columbian Exposition Antique Collector Coin


Item collection 1313632 original

16 Vintage and Antique Gold Tone Metal Buttons


Item collection 561812 original

Van Dell Mi-Century Brooch 1960 Vintage Vegetable Ivory and Gold Filled 1/20 12KGF


Item collection 1264954 original

Girlie Girl Vintage and Antique Buttons for Sewing and Crafting, Packet of 22


Item collection 1310862 original

One Bakers Dozen Vintage Fabric Buttons


Item collection 1884 original

Seven Vintage and Antique Coins For Your Art ... Or A Coffee in Denmark


Item collection 8bf66870 c04c 4cff 843f 9651dc8ebf50

Watkins Glen NY Sterling Silver German Enameled 1930 Antique Shield Emblem Charm


Item collection 2b7ed494 87ca 4fe6 b970 8860c37417bb

A Roll of the Dice Lucky Pocket Charm Jewelry Supplies


Item collection 1266326 original

Girlie Girl Set of 23 Vintage and Antique Buttons


Item collection 4ba732f7 1e00 442d b37a fa5a052e1990

10 Bright Beautiful Vintage Glass Marbles


Item collection 274745 original

Tribal Southwestern Clip Back Earrings 1960 Vintage Hammered Fashion Accessory


Item collection 251807 original

Brass Charms, Pendants, Findings Vintage Packet of 13


Item collection 7029 original

Cloisonne 1960 Winter Olympics Women USSR Vintage Trading Pin Brooch


Item collection 10980 original

Crystal Dazzle 1950 Mid-Century Vintage Beaded and Wired Clip-On Earrings


Item collection 559107 original

Carolee Classic Button Vintage Signed Pierced Earrings


Item collection 252957 original

Golden Pearl Cuff Links 1970 Vintage Hickok Fashion Jewelry Accessories For Him, For Her


Item collection 7356 original

Rose Rhodonite Burnished Brass 1970 Vintage Pierced Earrings


Item collection 1201604 original

JML Vintage 1/20 12k GF Cuff Links For Him or Her


Item collection 258405 original

Attendance Award Button 1930 Antique Rock Junior High School East St Louis Illinois Pinback


Item collection 1321579 original

Gold Tone Vintage and Antique Metal Buttons Packet of 11


Item collection 559627 original

Bridal Wreath Brooch 1950 Mid-Century Antique Elegant Golden Maple Leaves and Pearls Pin


Item collection e218cf7b b94b 4e64 9865 4f12bcb67864

Pina Colada Clip On Earrings 1950 Vintage Summer-ie Accessories


Item collection d84f6435 bf4a 4bad 84a4 1c4f07136b99

Christmas Holiday Stocking 1980 Vintage Cloisonne Enamel Pin


Item collection 0d77bba0 3440 4ab3 9b42 342ebf33ec05

Vintage Brass Key For Your Jewelry Creations, Art, Home Decor


Item collection c34a2a16 b3b4 4cb6 80aa fb1b65e7537f

Monet Floral Large Silk Scarf 1980 Vintage Ginnie Johansen Fashion Accessory


Item collection 1184670 original

Pearl Findings and Supplies 12-Piece Mixed Lot


Item collection 259015 original

Salvatori Ferragamo Vintage Harness Cowhide Leather Belt


Item collection 2152398 original

Sarah Coventry Golden Jade Garden 1960 Vintage Brooch Pin


Item collection 5cfb09e3 e714 4b84 bec4 5d7793d48ae0

German Bronze Dore Antique Jewelry Box or Trinket Box With Reverse Hand-Painted Glass Inset


Item collection de6ab606 90b6 4aa2 9dbf d9c417d316aa

Walking Liberty 1993 Vintage American Eagle US Silver Dollar Coin


Item collection 85e11341 f67f 4353 a5e5 4f27552f42f9

Amethyst Pendant Edwardian Antique Emerald Cut Set Gemstone


Item collection d25eca60 3549 41a0 8132 d70e9de84fe2

Nova Scotia Canada Cloisonne Enamel Stick Pin 1980 Vintage Map Brooch


Item collection b7092263 750e 4959 a985 ce4ffb717913

Valentine Hearts Holiday Love Scarf 1981 Vintage Hallmark Cards Accessory


Item collection 12823 original

Screw-back Lucite Earrings Vintage Mid-Century Girlie-Girl Pink Rosebuds


Item collection 275830 original

Maple Leaves Cloisonne Enamel Brooch or Pin 1960 Vintage Quebec Canada Souvenir


Item collection 3011 original

Damascene Clip Back Earrings Vintage Mosaic Buttons


Item collection 561541 original

Hands To Work 1980 Marie Lourdes Everon Crafters Folk-Art Vintage Wrist Watch


Item collection 86d9a8ae 405d 4b85 a2d9 88dcb39587d5

Marilyn Monroe Cloisonne Pin 1989 Seven Year Itch Clutch Pin Back Fashion Brooch


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