Item collection 9ba89232 6783 4f21 842a c8273ef4f3cf

Fenton Art Glass Lemonade Tumbler 1926 Pattern #222


Item collection c9f3ea3b 07f4 44b2 835d e2343a625817

Coiffe Limoges France Porcelain Serving Platter 1900 Antique La Belle Epoque Art Plate


Item collection 277206 original

Diamond Point Ruffled Edge Antique Depression Glass Dish


Item collection 5e6a6962 edff 41ea 8fa5 c9b3c60fa7df

Antique Holiday Sleigh Bells On A Leather Strap, Set of 6


Item collection 413e5e23 26ca 4c42 ab3f 497396d882fa

Bread and Butter or Salad Plate 1972 Vintage Wedgwood Porcelain 'Gloucester'


Item collection 271465 original

Creamer and Covered Sugar Bowl Set 1975 Vintage Vista Alegre Portugal 'Manueline Gold'


Item collection d6e9f82e 114a 45ab a930 adf000fce025

Porcelain Children's Serving Plate or Side Dish 1979 Vintage German Storybook The House That Jack Built


Item collection 257081 original

Serving Fork 1910 Edwardian William A Rogers Antique Silver Plate Meat Fork, La Concorde


Item collection da9b9913 6a06 4aac 9b20 003c15481f75

Porcelain Rabbit 1986 Vintage Chinoiserie Bunny Signed Hand-Painted Chinoiserie Bunny


Item collection 4032 original

6-Piece Silver Plate Place Setting 1940 Antique Holmes and Edwards 'Youth'


Item collection a2ac1617 ebfe 4279 bba4 2701ba5505e1

Aspic Knife 1880 Victorian Antique Diamond Cut 800 German Silver


Item collection 52b95097 9961 4155 95a0 4d0ff7ac825c

Cookie Cutters Set of 4 1982 Rolled Tin Tulip, Cottage, Unicorn, Butterfly


Item collection 86ed529a e974 4cd7 adc4 ecd3253c0f70

Brandenburg Gate Stein 1967 West German Ceramic 10 oz Tankard with Hinged Pewter Lid


Item collection 85abe8cb bf59 4589 b941 f5b2005bc833

Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Sauce Ladle 1900 Victorian Serving Piece


Item collection c2c21bea 3fcf 412b 8188 7019d6f19261

Mikasa Sugar Bowl and Creamer 1982 Vintage Louis XV Set L9300


Item collection a33d311d 5cc7 4114 ad0f b794e1782200

Silver Plate Serving Spoon 1988 Vintage Shell Casserole 1847 Rogers Bros - Centennial


Item collection 0314dcbe 7818 4f3d 84c9 fd31817cc62a

Glass Canister Set of 3 Vintage Miniature Storage Lidded Jars


Item collection 1a7c6e14 bfa7 4107 9707 4d41ab322a6d

Antique American Brilliant Cut Glass Pedestal Compote Serving Dish


Item collection dbed3444 06c5 4d36 8e35 d5da3dd74203

Flowers on the Windowsill 1980 Vintage Carl Larsson Gift Tin Box


Item collection 9fbf2ee3 d5ad 4f6b 8c46 54aaa474e118

Creamer and Sugar Bowl 1901 Edwardian Signed Coiffe Limoges La Belle Epoque Porcelains


Item collection 7035490 original

McCoy Mixing Bowl 1930 Antique Bubblegum Pink Extra Large Bowl


Item collection 0e4b4957 85a6 41c6 b29c b73708693eb5

Lidded Stein or Tankard For Your Hunter or Sportsman 1960 Vintage West German Porcelain Stein


Item collection 92bfa773 5f30 444d 87cf e8b096e8c4b5

Dessert Course Knives and Forks 1930 Antique Louis Kuppenheim Art Deco Cutlery Set


Item collection 2291a0ed d05b 468a b111 e3aeb62ea26b

Italian Au Gratin Dish 1970 Vintage Sigma Taste Seller Folk Art Love Birds


Item collection 2d70f463 3abd 4d92 8540 2df01af602c6

English Porcelain Dinner Plates 1940 Antique Booth's 'Washington' Multicolor Scallop, Set of 3


Item collection fdc19937 4825 437b 99a6 eaba47597cdf

Master Butter Spreader 1887 Victorian Rogers and Brothers Antique Silver Plate Knife, Assyrian


Item collection 8851 original

Flow Blue Salad Plate 1894 Victorian New Wharf Pottery Antique Porcelain


Item collection 6881 original

Chaldric Art Deco Silver Plate Infant or Youth Spoon 1927 Antique William Rogers Mfg


Item collection 259190 original

Footed Glass Toothpick Holder or Small Violet Blossom Vase Vintage Glassware


Item collection 244365 original

Sterling Silver Infant or Youth Spoon 1881 Victorian Antique Gorham Silver 'Dehli'


Item collection 288008 original

Lidded Decorative Jar 1890 Antique Haviland Limoges Art Nouveau Porcelain


Item collection 8234 original

Paris Bistro Luncheon, Salad, Dessert Plates 1980 Vintage Rosanna French Postcards, Set of 4


Item collection afea91c4 d08a 4a81 82a5 66b2e15c8977

Bareuther Waldsassen Bavarian Serving Pitcher 1973 Vintage Porcelain Serving Piece


Item collection 7763 original

Silver Plate Cocktail Forks 1935 Antique National Silver Company Set Lady Beautiful - Martinique


Item collection 1272320 original

Flow Blue Roses 1897 Victorian Ridgway Pottery Antique Large Gilt Rimmed Soup Bowl


Item collection 1241963 original

Silver Plate Grille Knives 1938 Antique Community Plate Set, 'Rendezvous' Set of 4


Item collection d4e85120 1810 4d05 9a8a e7e13087658c

Hope and the Anchor Edwardian Jasperware Sage Green Antique Porcelain Wall Plaque


Item collection 1232032 original

Silver Plate Teaspoons 1938 Antique Community Plate 'Rendezvous' Set of 4


Item collection 609301 original

Salad or Dessert Forks Set of Four 1938 Community Plate Antique Silver Plate, Rendezvous


Item collection 610fdca1 6f70 4241 9a44 c4913ef08a12

Nut and Spice Grinder 1950 Mid Century Antique Federal Tool Corp Chicago Illinois


Item collection 13677 original

Fruit Knife 1900 Victorian Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Engraved Antique Blade


Item collection 5184 original

Autumn Persimmons 1900 Antique Imperial Austria Dessert or Serving Plate


Item collection cece6df4 c183 4fa7 b656 8b226235d705

Round Two Piece Covered Vegetable Bowl Mid Century J G Meakin Transferware 'Romantic England'


Item collection d50b863d 5097 4ca4 ad7e f6f8ce3bd6b8

The Holy Family 1981 Avon Christmas 3-Piece Collectible Porcelain Nativity Figurine Set


Item collection 7e136af3 9dd5 463b a693 7366b21c18f3

The Wise Man, King Balthasar 1982 Avon Christmas Nativity Figurine Porcelain Collectible


Item collection 4a9ded4b 8ef2 4041 bcbe bbc51a31573b

The Wise Man King Melchoir 1982 Vintage Avon Christmas Porcelain Nativity Collectible Figurine


Item collection 9f008ad1 cc8a 4e41 b57e 8040cb89f218

The Poor Man 1990 Avon Christmas Nativity Porcelain Collectible Figurine


Item collection 628f2434 dac9 41c4 83ba f1fca0ffb233

Trumpeting Angel 1989 Vintage Avon Christmas Porcelain Collectible Nativity Figurine


Item collection 83f94d89 47ad 499d aa02 b629b9f77c4d

The Sheep and Lamb 1983 Vintage Avon Christmas Porcelain Nativity Figurine Collectible


Item collection 264452 original

Springtime Floral Teacup and Saucer 1980 Vintage Set


Item collection 11113 original

Napkin Rings, Napkin Cuffs Vintage Gold and Silver Toned Matched Pair For Your Elegant Dining


Item collection 1321715 original

Sugar Spoon 1938 Antique Community Plate 'Rendezvous' Silver Plate Serving Piece


Item collection 312960 original

Simpson Pottery Porcelain Divided Vegetable Vintage Serving Bowl, Concord Ivy


Item collection 2152416 original

Bavarian Celery Dish or Vanity Tray 1900 Edwardian Art Nouveau Antique Porcelain Dish


Item collection 7315 original

Lidded Sugar Bowl and Creamer 1900 Edwardian Leonard Vienna Austria Antique Porcelain Set


Item collection 51553a85 38fa 4280 8626 13c1aede1270

Butter Spreader 1901 Edwardian William Rogers and Son Antique Silver-Plate Flat Handle - Oxford


Item collection 2329811a 1d92 40eb b91c bc4e36e1e317

Rabbit Sculptures 1980 Vintage Pair of Lovely Bunnies


Item collection 278447 original

Bread and Butter or Salad Plates 1972 Vintage Wedgwood Porcelain, Gloucester, Set of 6


Item collection 8583bf9b 98f5 4fb4 b407 267ad9ad44d5

McCoy Mixing Bowl Antique 10 Inch Large Butter Yellow Bowl


Item collection 56312b5a 1983 41cd 863d c570568cd8c1

Meissen Blue Onion Gravy Boat with Underplate 1900 Antique German Porcelain Serving Dish


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