Etra Parisian 1960 Vintage Leather Convertible Clutch Purse Bag


Osprey 1833 Victorian Sir William Jardine 'Naturalist Library' Antique Hand-Colored Engraving, Pl 14


La Belle Epoque Paris Ski Fashions 1979 Vintage French Couture Lithographs, Pl 51-52


Fritillary Butterflies 1835 Victorian Sir William Jardine Naturalist Library Antique Engraving, Pl 15


Dark Leaved Sallow 1899 Victorian James Sowerby Antique Hand-Colored Botanical Engraving, Pl 1349


Sea Snail Shells 2001 Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities Poster Lithographs, Pl 360-361


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